Numerous security threats and gaps arise from a lack of a proper system architectural design, exposing organizations to serious and costly cyber-threats. As such, it is key to integrate security measures at the architectural level, in order to guarantee the company’s environments availability, integrity, and confidentiality. That is why it is important to deploy systems that take into account security requirements, starting from the design level. The next step is to ensure that those requirements are integrated, and properly reflected during the architectural phase. As a final point, it is crucial to ensure that the implementation or acquisition phase reflects those design and architectural requirements.

Strategic Advisory Services in Security
Architecture and Design

Today’s market offers clients with many technological choices, when it comes to securing their infrastructures. Therefore, it is vital to make the right choices, both strategically and tactically, in order to react timely and efficiently to any cyberspace risks that may occur.

At Akson Consulting Inc., we assist our clients make the right decisions, in terms of technological choices so that they can cope with the ever-changing nature of cyberspace threats, placing their organizations in a proactive position, rather than a riskier reactive one. Our approach aims at answering security issues holistically from an architecture and design perspective in order to integrate the chosen technologies into our clients’ infrastructure.

Architecture, Integration, Deployment and
Configuration of Security related technologies

When deploying or implementing a system, it is important to succeed the integration of security related technologies into your existing infrastructure, in order to respond to your security related functional and assurance requirements.

At Akson Consulting Inc., we help our clients by assisting them build an architecture that will allow them to respond to their specific security needs. We also make sure to assist them in the deployment and configuration phases.

Security Assessment and Review

At Akson Consulting Inc., we provide services allowing systems’ evaluation and review, such critical security infrastructures for an organization. Our methodology aims first to look into systems’ characteristics, probing their limitations, functions, dependencies, information sensitivity and functional description. Then, it identifies system threats and vulnerability exposure.

Through implementing control indicators analysis, we perform an impact qualitative analysis of a virtual threat to the existing structure, as well as the likelihood of a subsequent impact and incurred risks. Finally, we provide specific long term recommendations in order to alleviate those identified risks.