Networks used to be constructed with boundaries. Conversely, with constant evolving technological development and the emergence of new means of communication and technologies, environments do not anymore have clear-cut boundaries. As technology grows in importance (Cloud computing, grid computing, etc.), all traditional network components gain more and more complexity. Hence, many security issues have aroused. Network security threat landscape is also ever evolving, leading to cyber-threats, and evading most traditional security perimeter defenses. Based on that, the paradigm used to secure networks is not anymore sufficient to protect your existing infrastructure. Fundamentally, new approaches need to be considered when organizations are securing their networks.

Network Security Architecture, Design & Configuration

At Akson Consulting Inc., we help organizations design, configure and implement the most efficient and secure network infrastructure, in order to cope with the ever evolving cyberspace threats. Our approach focuses on providing intelligent and proactive architecture structures, that will help our clients better protect themselves against new emerging virtual threats. Our services also include improving existing architectures, shifting the paradigm from a reactive approach, regarding network security, to a proactive one.

Network Security Assessment

Organizations depend heavily on their network infrastructure, in order for them to operate and compete in their industry. Our assessment strategy helps companies understand their state of exposure to virtual threats, from a network security point of view. Our main focus is to identify network vulnerabilities and provide holistic and proactive recommendations that will allow our clients to diminish or eliminate their risk exposure.

Network Security Control Implementation

Security controls are countermeasures implemented in order to mitigate, transfer or elude an identified risk. With the evolution of cyber-threats, it has become vital to make the right strategic and tactical choices, to implement the efficient and appropriate controls that will enable organizations to secure their networks. The paradigm that consisted to focus network defenses on specific perimeters have shown their ineffectiveness with regard to the recent cyberspace attacks.

Recent high profile attacks have shown that perimeter-based network security controls are becoming increasingly less effective in protecting companies’ critical assets and information.

At Akson Consulting Inc., we enable our clients to successfully face the increased challenges related to cyberspace threats, guiding them to make the right strategic and tactical choices regarding specific security controls to implement. Subsequently, we make sure to accompany our clients in the process of implementing selected security controls in the most effective way.