Security has become a key strategic component for companies. Thus, it needs to be integrated into their organizational culture level, their business processes, as well as their Information System level. At Akson Consulting, Inc., we offer a wide variety of services, from information security governance and risk management point view, helping businesses and various organizations practice security in a holistic manner, providing them with a variety of services covering that very specific area.

Security Controls

When an organization outlines the necessary components of its security framework, through an enterprise security architecture, integrating it into the existing business structure, it is essential to define and set specific goals for controls and evaluation techniques to be put in place. Those controls measures will help accomplish the objectives outlined in the security program. At Akson Consulting Inc., we help our clients either develop new control techniques, by adopting a specific methodology, or by reviewing the existing control processes and indicators, then assess their effectiveness and efficiency in regards to the security program.

Security Framework

To secure their environment, an organization can choose to adopt a stove-piped approach, where products and technologies are tossed here and there, as needed, expecting that such an ad hoc approach will work in a manner that secures its environment and covers its vulnerabilities. This approach is usually not very efficient, and does not help companies implement a clear strategy when it comes to securing their environment. At Akson Consulting Inc., we provide consulting services in order to help organization define and develop a security program that will allow them to develop an enterprise information security architecture. The aim is to ensure that the security efforts align with business practices in a standardized and cost-effective fashion, by guaranteeing the enterprise architecture exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Business enablement
  • Process enhancement
  • Security Effectiveness

Risk Assessment and Analysis

A risk assessment is a method used in identifying vulnerabilities and cyberspace threats, assessing the possible impacts in order to determine key control check points to be implemented. At Akson Consulting Inc., we ensure consulting services, providing organizational guidance, so that businesses can assess the risk they encounter by analyzing vulnerabilities, threats and impacts related to those threats. The assessment includes the following layers in an organizational hierarchy:

  • Tier-I: The organizational structure
  • Tier-II: The mission statement and business processes
  • Tier-III: The information system

Security Management

Once a security framework is implemented along including standard control practices, it is important to understand that it has a life cycle. Accordingly, in order to sustain its effectiveness, it should be constantly evaluated and improved upon. If a life cycle approach is not adopted, implementing a security system will be treated as any other project and therefore could fail to reach its initial objectives. At Akson Consulting Inc., we help organizations manage their security programs efficiently, offering an approach that will better help them maintain their structures up to date. The approach includes advisory services on risk management, process documentation, security control implementation and process management, procedural standards, baselines and guidelines as well as security awareness training.

Security Governance & Compliance

Security governance is a framework that allows organizations to set, express and assess the effectiveness of applied security controls. At Akson Consulting Inc., we help various organizations to implement a security governance framework, in order to simplify decision making, performance tracking, as well as improvement, and accountability through collection, analysis, and reporting of the necessary information allowing relevant security metrics conception. We also help companies and organizations comply with and laws, according to their respective industry or field of practice specifications.