Omar Nbou

In a global collaboration era and accelerating change where technology has become an essential component of today’s landscape, information is the most valuable asset. As a result, organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on information and its security. Cyber-threats are getting more advanced, more aggressive, more targeted, and more effective than ever, causing companies enormous losses in terms of revenues, reputation and their daily operations crippling. Based on such vision, it is imperative to understand the opponent and provide security with an enterprise-wide focus. Security has become a key strategic component from an organizational point of view, in contemplation of building and sustaining competitive advantage and create value.


We are a company delivering IT consultancy services in the field of information security and cyber security. Akson Consulting was founded in 2013 by Omar Nbou and our headquarters are located in Montreal, QC, Canada. We have a partnership with Akson Consulting Maroc based in Agadir which handles our operations and activities in Morocco and the African region.

We offer our clients consultancy services in:

  • Security Governance and Risk Management
  • Security Architecture and Design
  • Network Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Secure Software/System Development LifeCycle
  • Security Operations

Our team includes consultants and specialists with deep expertise in the field of information security and cyber security. Our mission is to help client’s deal with the risks associated with today’s cyber threat landscape by providing a holistic and proactive approach to their security needs.